A: There are a number of reasons why this makes good sense. If you want to have some local fashion flavor before you even arrive on the island this is a great way to do it. Free delivery to your hotel in Aruba is extremely convenient. And finally, if you forget to bring back souvenirs for family and friends you can still take care of them this way.

A: We offer our own unique brands and custom-designed apparel that you can’t find at any other store around.

A: Not at all. We are happy to accommodate orders of any size from single items to large quantities. Just remember that the transportation fees do increase with weight.

A: Yes, there is a charge for this. It is $20 for the U.S.A., $15 for Curacao, and $35 for LATAM and E.U.

A: We ask that you please inform us immediately of any damage to your purchase when it arrives. Email us with pictures of the apparel and we will get in touch with the delivery company as soon as possible to determine what happened before making any final decisions.

A: Once we have confirmed the damage to the items and have received them back, we will be happy to issue you a gift certificate for the full amount.

A: We are conveniently located directly behind the building at the exit point of the cruise ship. We are within just a few minutes of walking distance.